The Giabbits are a group of rabbits who represent the Yomiuri Giants. There's two twin adult male Giabbits named Mr. Giabbit (team number 555, wears a hat) and Giabyi (team number 333), an adult female Giabbit named Vicky, and two twin children Giabbits (boy and girl respectively) named Tsuppy (wears shorts) and Chappy (wears a skirt and headband on her left ear). Their features are based on the Yomiuri Giants logo.

A 6th mascot, Grandpa Giabbit, was announced on 5 February 2014, as to celebrate the team's 80th anniversary. His official appearance was on 24 March 2014.

Trivia Edit

  • An NES ROM hack of Super Mario Bros called Giabbit Hunting has been released, where the player hunts down the Giabbit mascots with Mario in a Hanshin Tigers uniform.
  • A very ribald parody of Giabbit made a cameo appearance in the anime Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt.
  • Like Buffalo Bell, Giabbit made a cameo appearance (as a zombie) in an episode of the anime Space Dandy.

Gallery Edit


Giabyi chilling out.


Giabbit posing in front of a baseball museum.

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Giabbit close to getting fired.


Pet the bunny...

1428612640.zaedrin giabbit

Western fan art of Giabyi.


Giabbit VERY close to getting fired.

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